Pubg Mobile Game – A Brief Story

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Pubg Mobile Game is a trademark game of tencent mobile and it is so far most popular game in battle royale genre. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

What is Pubg Mobile Game ?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is likely known to everyone by now, or PUBG as it is called in common expression. With the assistance of a parachute, 100 players join the aircraft and land on an island. At first empty-handed to get rifles, weapons and pans to survive and wipe out the other deserters. And that’s where, according to many, the royal battle condition has its benefits. When you wonder how one would behave in a comparable scenario, there is an interest in our individuals. Eat it or eat it. | a brief story about pubg mobile

History of Pubg Mobile Game

It Started in Brazil

The individual behind the match is Brendan Greene. Born in Ireland, he moved to Brazil to work as a web developer and photographer. He discovered love and got married during his moment in the nation of South America. On the other side, it finished two years later and he went back to Ireland to quote himself: “I was living on welfare.”| Brendan Greene
Brendan Greene (Man Behind PUBG)

He began making his own way at home. DayZ modded the classic Arma 2 game: Battle Royale, which has become a enormous success. The eyes for the Irish Greene had been opened and he was hired by the game development company Daybreak. But for a long time he didn’t remain.

Months later, he was sitting in Seoul on an airplane. Greene’s thoughts and ideas on battle royal matches had impressed the individuals behind South Korean Bluehole. His greatest challenge was ever before him. As creative director, Bluehole wanted him, and PUBG was on the horizon.| PUBG

2016 Was The Year of Success

They started developing the game in early 2016 with a goal of releasing a year later. It was lastly time on March 23, 2017-an early access release to Steam came and, despite some bugs, it instantly became a success.

Success And challenges for PUBG Mobile Game

The game sold 50 million copies over PC and Xbox One over one and a half years after the launch. Ahead of games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG is still on top of Steam’s list of the most famous games. They have difficulties, though, despite good figures. The genre is growing and there have been challengers.| PUBG Mobile Game

One of them is Fortnite, a comparable game that has taken from PUBG a lot of active players. In several interviews, however, Brendan Greene welcomed Fortnite, saying that his objective is to create the genre develop and that the way it is through fresh games.

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