Why women aren’t allowed within temples and kitchen during their periods?


Women are restricted entry into kitchen, into the temple and are confined into their room throughout the menstrual days.

Women are considered impure, unfit to perform puja, and in some cases, not allowed to interact with their family during the period of menstruation.

It is further believed that menstruating ladies are unhygienic and unclean and hence the food they prepare or handle can get contaminated.


During the previous generations, girls had to perform many physical tasks like grinding wheat, carrying heavy pots, farming, cooking food and additionally cleansing the house.
But, throughout their menstruation, they suffered plenty of discomfort,cramps, excessive blood flow, depression, mood swings and additionally anger that took a toll on their health, physically and mentally.

And also the solely way to make girls rest and stop them from doing their duties was by imposing a taboo on menstruation.
This gave complete rest to girls throughout the menstrual days, so helping them recover well from their menstruation.

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