Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset???

Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset

Do you know Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset In India. we all have heard this saying through our parents or our grandparents to “not to sweep floor after sunset or it is inauspicious to sweep” or you might have heard them saying “its not a good sign to sweep at night or after dark” . Most of the people do believe this as some saying are being followed since our ancestor’s beliefs those of which are still continuing till today. But most of the people in India or in the world do not believe or they might don’t know the real reason behind this superstition.

There is always different beliefs of people regarding this out of which the one is which they believe and the other is the ancient (actual reason) story behind that.

People Belief

So basically what people believe is that if they sweep after sunset it will make Goddess Lakshmi leave the house. This may refer to your money or valuable things as Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth. I think everybody knows this but part of us don’t believe in such superstitions therefore, in some parts of country people do follow and in some parts they don’t.

Ancient Story of Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset

Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset
Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset in india

So Why we avoid sweeping after Sunset Because At our time of ancestors when there were no electricity available people use to believe that if they sweep their floors at night, they might sweep away their valuables due to dark or inadequate light and as you know at that time houses were made of mud so there is no surprise you can find any reptiles in mud roaming on your floor and you won’t go near to them while sweeping and put your life in danger. That’s why they used to avoid sweeping in night. That how people believe this saying till today where there is electricity in abundance.

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