Why it is forbidden to eat during an eclipse?


According to Hindu mythology, eclipses are considered to be bad omens and get associated with beliefs and superstitions .

♦ One of the most popular myths or most followed superstitions associated with eclipse is that one shouldn’t eat food or drink throughout the eclipse. The general public believe that food goes dangerous during the period and may cause indigestion.

♦ People usually believe it’s the best time to wash away your sins. It is believed one should take bath and wash away all negativity to make sure that you achieve salvation.

♦ It is typically believed that one cannot watch eclipse with naked eyes because it can damage your vision.

♦ Many people also believe that if you bleed during an eclipse you bleed longer and the scars of the wound stay for a lifetime.


♦ Science has proved that during an eclipse, there’s increased radiation of ultraviolet and alternative rays that contaminate food. Obviously, the consumption of such food are harmful for us. although there might not be any immediate and reaction, in due course of time, our teeth or digestive system are affected. Cooked food is affected because it contains water, and during an eclipse, water attracts more radiations, that in turn contaminate the food. to prevent this, tulsi leaves are placed on cooked food to repel radiations.

♦ During an eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon are in one line for a few time. As a result, the combined magnetic force is strongest and its increased impact may be seen simply by the high tides produced in the ocean. During an eclipse it’s been customary in the ancient times to meditate deeply because the increased bio magnetism within the body caused by the enhanced celestial magnetic field makes it terribly conducive to achieve best results from a deep meditation. And deep meditation needs one to have an empty stomach during meditation, so that one will get a very deep sensation going down to Beta or theta levels.

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