Why we should not sleep with head facing north direction


  • Myth is that it invitess ghost or death.

  • Sleeping with head in North direction brings bad luck.


  • Never sleep with the head towards the north as a result of the magnetic field of the world lies in an exceedingly north-south direction energy levels will be thrown out of balance by this robust field.
    all these are based on rotation and revolution of earth.

  • Human body has its own magnetic field (Also referred to as hearts magnetic field, as a result of the flow of blood) and Earth is a giant magnet.
    Once we lie with head towards north, our body’s field of force become totally asymmetrical to the Earth’s field of force.
    That cause problems associated with pressure and our heart should work additional durable therefore on beat this asymmetry of Magnetic fields.
    Except for this one more reason is that Our body have important amount of iron in our blood.
    Once we sleep during this position, iron from the complete body starts to congregate in brain.
    This could cause headache, Alzheimer’s illness, psychological feature Decline, Parkinson illness and brain degeneration.

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